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Hey My Friend!

I'm currently excited about helping established businesses via...

     ~ Online / Digital Marketing Coaching
     ~ Online / Digital Marketing Consulting
     ~ Messaging Development 
          ~ #1 > You / Your Company
          ~ #2 > Your Products / Services (ie. Coaching / Consulting / Training Programs, Courses, etc)
          ~ #3 > Dream Client Clarity
     ~ Traffic Strategy {short & long term}
     ~ Traffic Implementation Planning
     ~ Funnel Flow {linear steps}

If you haven't yet, check out my blog post... Essential Pre Marketing Funnel Secrets. A Must! :-)

Below you'll find more info on how to work with me. If you have questions about your specific situation or aren't sure where to start, let's connect & have a conversation! The link to my scheduler is below for your convenience.

My schedule is limited, but my Vision to support 1000 Highly Sensitive Leaders to attain a #SustainableLifestyle & #PositiveImpact is real... so let's do this!  ~Crystal :-)

Client Examples

One of the best feelings in the world is having my clients get results! I had a Marketing Coaching session & these were the screenshots of feedback!⠀
The {Singapore!} science based, natural health & wellness company owner had a branding questions with regards to the 'face' of the company’. Through a series of ultra focused questions... 1 very patiently asked one at a time... he was able to discover for himself what the right gut answer was for him.⠀
Super powerful, empowering, & clarifying. It was a huge weight lifted & relief for him. ⠀
The end result for this Marketing Coaching session was perfect clarity on the next step for his business. Now he scheduled a 1 hr consultation to review a strategy for his next step. How fun! ⠀
What's holding you back from your Next Level of Success? What's your price for staying stuck? Message me to see if a Marketing Coaching session is right for you!
Life  / Career Coach
w New Manager Program
There's seriously nothing better than authentic synergy... It's 100% with this client. She's a dream to work with.

See the graphic for background. She's working with me 1:1 via a Time Package via email, voice messages, &/or video sessions she can schedule at her convenience {see below}. Here are a few quotes directly from our email interactions...

"You really understand what my mind is saying but I can't write out."

"I appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into your work."

I think you have nailed it. Your copy flows so well, I am so glad you can get it out..haha."

"Yes, this round feels like it’s there.
I have gained so much clarity, which is great bc I don’t get that clear on my own and you ask the right questions to get me there!”

Nonfiction Ghostwriting 
& Amazon Marketing!
You're already successful, career wise. Have a comfortable life, but something's missing... left undone...

You have a burning desire to educate the masses on your particular topic.

You've tried writing the book yourself, but it's just not working. 

The process, organization, &/or getting into the flow has simply been overwhelming, 

You're afraid that unless you find the RIGHT person to help, it may never get done.

It's not about the money. It's about getting your work out there to impact So Many More.

If this is you, then we might be a good fit.

To Our #PositiveImpact,
~Crystal :-)

Shawn has been a true Dream Client to work with! Our synergy is spot on. He trusts my instincts, my recommended process, and just wants me to take care of it.
I'm so grateful!
Work with Me Time Package Options
Whether you have a 1 time small project {ie. sales landing page copy} 
or entire funnel planning...
Choose your path... customized just for you.

🎉 Choose Your Package! 🎉
 up to x hrs of my time, tracked in 
10 min increments! 
We can work via email, voice message, &/or video sessions!
Let's nail your
Messaging, Dream Client, & or Traffic Strategy
for your business &/or "funnel flow"! 
To Our #SustainableLifestyle & #PositiveImpact,
~Crystal :-)
1. Purchase to reserve your availability in line
2. The Thank You page will have 2 options. Either Schedule a Conversation 
or Email Me to plan our start! 
3. Your choice... either start with DIY playsheets for an objective, 
then ask for help when wanted... 
I can dive into your existing content, sift through, & 
do much of the work for you, collaborate as needed. 
*We can chat to decide together, if wanted!

No time expiration on any of my packages.
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