specific ideas of what to nail BEFORE building your marketing funnel!
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with my incredibly comprehensive checklist, I've detailed out...
What should you include? How deep or what topics should you consider developing? I've given you the EXACT checklist I use with my clients & now you can "cheat", take my ideas, & create authentically magnetic content to attract your Dream Client!
Your Dream client
What very specific types of information is it necessary to completely nail your marketing copy going forward? Again, this is a very detailed list that I use with my clients. Take it & enjoy greater clarity!
Traffic Strategy
Every business is unique. What are some traffic sources you have or haven't even considered? This potentially eye opening list might just give you the lightbulb or AHa you've been looking for!
... that ALL need to be nailed BEFORE you build your marketing funnel!
Why Do I Care?
By helping you solve your #1 biz challenge, Marketing, you can experience less stress, be more present with family, enabling them to feel worthy to be seen & to be themselves. Let's encourage, uplift, & support each other on our journeys. "
~Crystal :)
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